Donovan Morgan

A stern Teifling, hardened by war always looking over his shoulder


It seems so long ago, before the incursion at the Fort up north. His past life was as Royal Minstrel, appointed upon the death of his renown teacher Guiacamo Casanunda. He lived up to his teachers prowess well, becoming an overnight sensation. He was always willing to play for kings and beggars alike and forever catching the eyes of any pretty lass that would look his way.

But this fun could not last forever, one night he broke one rule his teacher had taught him. The first rule. Never get caught. What Donovan did however was get caught in such grand magnificence years later the courts still whisper about that night. Caught by the King himself with the Queen, the two princesses, the three court maids, the stable boy, the Kings personal stallion, and a Gnome named Reggie. The real number of who was there tends to grow with each telling.

What also happened that night was that Donovan fought against the King’s Personal Guard for nearly an hour, drawing things to a bloody stalemate when the Queen finally recovered and intervened on his behalf. Instead of being killed for treason and indecency, he was shipped north to The Bottom…

And 2 days before his retirement from service in the King’s army, tragedy struck…

Donovan Morgan

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