Leaders of Nations

The Kingdom of Dalgracia

- Current -

King Oedipus Dalgracian: Current reigning king of Dalgracia. Great, Great Grandson of Ajax Dalgracian and last heir to Veonard. He is skilled warrior and tactician without compare, and a prince and king raised on the field of battle. He has greatly improved the efficiency and strength of the primary Dalgracian Army, including more or less breaking its dependency of Ezarkandian mercenaries.

Oedipus served as a front-line warrior of great renown, and then as a general before his father passed away. He is very popular with the millitary and with the nobility. He came to the crown with great applause, and took princess Clytemnestra, who was extremely popular among the artisans and working class, as his wife. He has ruled for two decades since. Queen Clytemnestra recently died of a sudden illness a year ago, leaving king Qedipus child and heirless.

He is a man of action and brokers no fools, and would do anything to keep his kingdom safe. He is noted for being particularly harsh on dissidents of any sort. He is a pragmatist of the highest order and wishes the welfare of the kingdom as his highest goal. He does not tolerate those who would impede that in any way, and will trample those he sees as doing so. He allows the nobles their petty intrigue though, if only because disposing of them all would cause to much internal strife to be worth it. He is a harsh leader, but a strong one.

He has kept the country stable and safe despite constant border and brush wars with Genoswerv, Ganzzard, Vandomia, and Masgothern.

- Past -

Veonard Dalgracian: Prince of the Dalgracian dynasty. Was the last king of the old Dalgracia. Accused of killing his father to gain the throne by he younger brother Vandon. The resulting fallout created the sixty-year civil war which would become known as the War of the Brothers. Veonard died on the throne, killed by a Gnomish assassin suspected to have been hired by his paranoid and psychotic cousin Masgoth Rebbonard who also laid claim to the throne of Dalgracia.

Dalgar the Great: Father of the Kingdom of Dalgracia and the leader of the easterners who came to the continent that would gain his name after a great cataclysm a thousand years ago.


Empire of Ezarkand

Ezarkandiz the Eternal: A crafty, ancient, and seemingly immortal Yuan-ti sorcerer, sage, and shaman. Claims to server Uroboros the Eternal, a massive snake god whose eternal motion is said (mostly by Ezarkandian clerics) to drive the universe. Once the Emperor of a vast despotic empire, in the last six hundred years he has lessened his direct control over the populace and stopped fighting the near endless war he held against the eastern settlers on Dalgar. This is not due to him going senile, as many critics claim, but due to him simply growing more subtle. Instead of warring with the Dalgracian kingdom, he has simply let it implode during the Brother’s War, and has in turn further complicated matters by outsourcing his slave caste as a cheap mercenary force to nearly any bidder. He manipulates the northerners, by making sure they are constantly able to make war against each others, and he plays all ends against the middle. Why? No one really knows. Ezarkandiz has lived for a long time, and, perhaps after a millennia of ruling unopposed as a god-king, he has simply grown bored and seeks to cause discord to amuse himself.

Leaders of Nations

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