The Unborn

Praetor Gallengar

Gallengar is more or less a hero in Dalgracia. He is a decorated soldier and war wizard, specializing in bombardment and massive destruction. He won several medals in defense of the city of Galban against an alliance between Masgothern and Genoswerv. He also was awarded the Silver Star, a very high honor, for his role in the winning of the battle of the Plain of Hope which lead to the annexation of the wealthy Vandomian city Cedric by Dalgracia. After retiring from six tours of duty is several separate wars, Gallengar because a research wizard. There his specialization in evocation was not of much use or note and he faded into relative obscurity.

Until five years ago.

Gallengar had been a sub-par magister and theorist. He could receive almost no funding for his projects, and almost all of them outside of his evocation work for the military failed. He was a poor teacher and even poorer scholar. He had begun to grow to old for military service as well. He had gained a job as an instructor of new war wizards, but even then his temper was too short to be much help to all but the patient and talented. Gallengar was slowly reaching the end of his rope. Then, one night, he went and made an audience with King Oedipus. He appeared before the king in a desperate, harried, and yet invigorated state. He whispered something to the king, and the king ordered all of the functionaries to leave his court and his presence at once. Only the King, Gallengar, and the king’s guard remained. The next day Gallengar was removed from his position as instructor and given a new job under the title of “Imperial Researcher.” He was moved to the fortress city of Cedric and given a personal guard and gross sums of money and any equipment he desired. Along with him came a foreigner who served as Gallengar’s confident and personal assistant. Later, other wizards picked at Gallengar’s discretion where pulled to Cedric and declared “Imperial Researchers” as well. The first was the gnome Jeckerey Himmenshalf, a specialist in abjuration and medical application for arcana. the elven mage Galfar Miltson, a refugee from the Empire of Ezarkandiz and a specialist in charm magic. Finally was Gregor Glaucon, a specialist in extra-planar biology, particularly in the field of aberrant beasts.

For four years the four wizards worked on some secret project deep within the fortress at Cedric. A little over a year ago, three of the four left for the north and bases bordering the realm of Ganzzard, while Gallengar stayed behind at Cedric. About four months after the other three left for the North, the Fleshwarpers appeared in the wilderness and began to attack smaller trading towns and logging camps. Ten months afterward, Gallengar betrayed Cedric and vanished in the chaos as the Fleshwarpers overran the city.

Not many know what has gone on in the Northern stretches of Dalgracia, assuming it to be another war with Ganzzard. No one really knows what happened to Gallengar or the other three, save for a handful of survivors from a certain Fortress. Only the survivors of Cedric know the Gallengar betrayed the city and has been transformed into a Fleshwarpers himself. All that is really known by those worried generals is that the seemingly mindless and invincible Fleshwarpers have begun to behave in a disturbingly tactical fashion, as if now some intelligence guides them. Gallengar remains at large since he was wounded at Cedric, and it is very possible that it is his dangerous and veteran mind which now guides these beasts.

The Unborn

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